Wormhole City review

Wormhole City

Published & copyrighted by Zenrok Studios

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Through faster-than-light technology, nations strive to colonize the universe while fighting for control and freedom throughout space. Play as mercenary Acero Astra, hired to defend and escort a space convoy from destruction. Pilot the prototype Valkyrie mecha on land, sea, and air to neutralize opposing forces. You must interact with characters, machines, and the environment to achieve your objectives and progress throughout the game.

Game Features

  • Explore a sci-fi setting with a cyberpunk twist.
  • Battle numerous enemies in kinetic, run-and-gun fashion on foot and in vehicles.
  • Journey to different locations as you fulfill Space Force missions.
  • Auto-save system will help record your progress.
  • Your actions may affect NPC interactions.


Wormhole City Wormhole City
Wormhole City
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    Zenrok Studios

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    13 GB available space