Hillbilly Apocalypse review

Hillbilly Apocalypse

Published & copyrighted by Uncle Frost Team

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Once upon a time when all planet was in great danger the unknown enemy turned everyone into zombies. Chaos came. The rest of people are had to survive. It seems that everything has come to an end. But among the frightened people there is a hero who ready to save humanity and eradicate the cause of disasters. A hero from small village called Rottenwill - Uncle Billy. He will go through swamps, caves, dead lands, deep holes and high buildings until he will find the source of disaster. And then he will eliminate it. You play the role of this brave man and go on a difficult journey to save humanity.

Game features:

  • Tons of different enemies
  • Difficult boss-battles
  • Optimal choice of weapons for every taste
  • 8 stages of unstopable action with sub-stages and gameplay changing
  • Lot of secret places with useful loot
  • In-game shop (you can choose anything you need in the next stage of the game using the coins you collected on previous stages)
  • Global map (find out your location in the game world)
  • Advanced options (you cand turn on/off the second character to change difficulty, setup the blood color and size, change graphics quality and turn rumble effects on/off)
  • Full gamepad support (gamepad is strongly recommended!)
  • Amazing soundtrack
  • Old-school palette (NES style)


Hillbilly Apocalypse Hillbilly Apocalypse
Hillbilly Apocalypse
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    Uncle Frost Team

  • Size:

    100 MB available space